Find the Right People with the New App!

There are various reasons why we are all search for people online and doing it more than ever: from finding old friends to locating lost relatives or researching for business contacts. The more social the web becomes, the more we need to communicate on a personal level and finding the right people in minutes is more important than ever. is the web's most comprehensive people search site. According to ( their unique query engine can help get people-focused information from “deep” web pages that are not regularly indexed by the common search engines.

The technology was designed to interact with searchable databases and extract facts, contact details and other relevant information from personal profiles that people share on the web and in their social accounts, member directories, scientific publications and numerous other sources. The results are then shown in an easy-to-read format that help explore and learn more about a specific person.

With their new conduit-powered app, is allowing a faster and more powerful people-search from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari - directly from the app and from any page on the web. People search can be launched from the expandable app based on name, email, user name (in social accounts) and even phone number to deliver immediate results.

Check it out at - (the app is available from the footer).