Fuels Fans with 24/7 Live Streaming Video


Big Brother, the popular CBS show launched its 12th season this past week.  For those not familiar with this international phenomena (now replicated in more than 45 countries worldwide), this reality series follows the every move of 15 chosen strangers living together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day, seven days a week, completely disconnected from the outside world.

 Each week the house guest compete for food privileges, luxury items, the “Head of Household” privilege (nominates 2 players for eviction), and the Power of Veto (to overturn the nominations).  At the end of each week the house guests vote to evict one player.  Last person standing at the end of three months wins $500,000.

Big Brother Network is a leading fan source for ‘Big Brother’ and has been mentioned and referenced by top entertainment publishers like Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Inside Dish with Ross Matthews.

The interesting bit? These are die-hard fans. 

Even in between seasons (when nothing was going on), 8% of the community needed their fix. They actively accessed the Big Brother Network Branded Toolbar and interacted with fellow members on a daily basis.  The day following the airing of the first episode, one in six members hopped on to access links and feeds off the community toolbar, staying connected with their favorite show, following the new house guests, and engaging with fellow fans. Numbers have been steadily increasing since (2 episodes into the season!).

We’re excited to share that the network has now launched the Big Brother Live Feeds App in the Conduit App Marketplace.  This stand-alone app is available to all 170 million users within the Conduit Network, and yes, this means we can all feed our voyeuristic appetite.   Regardless of browser choice (IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome), viewers can now watch live 24/7 streaming video feeds from the Big Brother House.