Connects Professional Social Network Creators


According to a recent YankeeGroup survey, 70% of consumers want to be able to leverage social media sites to see real-time availability of company experts in technical support, billing, etc. and 57% of customers feel company outreach via social media would improve their loyalty to that company.  Clearly the importance of social networks for business is growing fast and more and more big companies are hiring dedicated staff to manage them. is a social network directory and hub for social network creators.  In other words, creators of custom social networks (across all platforms - - i.e. Ning, Spruz, SocialGO, JomSocial, BuddyPress, Grouply,, etc.) can leverage each other’s technical and strategic knowledge to build better social networks for their own company.

In an effort to attract more social network creators to the service, has placed 2 apps from the Community Toolbar in the Conduit App Marketplace:

1. The Ning Links App offers direct access to the most useful resources for Ning Network creators, including the blog, FAQs, support, WYSIWYG editor, development guidelines and other.

2. The Ning Tips App feeds tips generated and posted by fellow Network Creators.  Separate from the support threads, this is a forum for members to share successful bits of information on how they’ve leveraged the Ning platform to benefit their communities.