Best and Worst Social Media Engagements of 2011


Web marketing and social media can be the most meaningful engagement platforms ever known to mankind.  Or they can totally mess up your brand.

As 2011 rolls to a close, Conduit - the company that makes it possible for more than 260,000 publishers to engage more than 250 million users - has put together its first ever list of the most successful - and downright humiliating - engagements of the year.





  • "Radical Engagement" - Charlie Sheen
    Charlie went outside conventional media to tell his story and engage fans with his rants - incoherent or not.
  • “Cardio Engagement” - Kevin Durant
    After a NBA lockout that stretched longer than many thought possible, Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder tweeted that he was bored and asked if anyone in Oklahoma City was up for playing flag football. A fan at Oklahoma State responded and Durant ended up getting his flag football wish granted just a few hours later.
  • "Innocent Engagement" - Live Tweet of the Osama Bin Laden Raid
    The year's best example of innocent but unprecedented engagement was this tweet from a Pakistani who lived in Abbotabad and heard helicopters when he wasn't exactly expecting them.
  • "Multi-Media Engagement" - Ellen Degeneres
    From a homemade YouTube video of two girls singing a Nicki Minaj song that captured 11 million views, to a guest slot on Ellen where the girls actually met the real Nicki, this journey engaged millions across different media platforms.
  • "Clean Sweep Engagement" - London Riot Cleanup
    Operation Riot CleanUp used Facebook and Twitter to organize and encourage Londoners to come out and clean up the streets after the big disturbances earlier this year.



  • "Fowl Engagement" - Gilbert Gottfried Loses Aflac Job Because of Tsunami Tweets
    When Gilbert Gottfried tweeted a number of questionable jokes about the Japanese tsunami, Aflac immediately fired him as the voice of their mascot, the Aflac duck. The insurance giant then tried to make a golden egg of the whole situation by using social media to find Gottfried’s replacement, Daniel McKeague, a sales manager from Minneapolis.
  • "Premature Engagement" - Ashton Kutcher, Penn State Tweet About Joe Paterno
    Ashton Kutcher, the first celeb to engage 1MM Twitter followers, shot off a message defending Joe Paterno before he learned the entire story. As a result, Kutcher has said he'll stop tweeting personally and turn the responsibility over to his PR firm. That's great - make a public announcement that you're letting others pretend they're you.
  • "Offensive Engagement" - Kenneth Cole
    Kenneth Cole's edgy brand is known for pushing it. But he pushed too far when he tweeted during the Arab Spring that "Millions are in uproar in Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online."
  • "Failed Four Letter Engagement" - Chrysler—Dropping the F* bomb
    In the year of the wild success of "Go the F*ck to Sleep" one of Chrysler's new media agencies thought they'd made the company cooler by tweeting "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the motor city and yet no one knows how to f***** drive."
  • “Internet Never Forgets Engagement” - GoDaddy CEO Tweets Elephant Hunt
    Between the myriad cat memes and baby panda YouTube videos, the Internet has proven to be a haven for animal lovers, which makes the CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parson’s decision to tweet a picture of an elephant he just killed in a bewildering hunt. Almost immediately, there was a grassroots effort to get web pages to participate in domain transfers and a boycott of GoDaddy was led by PETA.


We would love to hear your own examples of the best and worst engagements during 2011.
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