Peculiar Facts You Didn’t Know About the Conduit Blogging Team


One thing about having only the most "engaging people" on the Conduit payroll is that it has created a blogging team made up of unique, sassy, and diverse people, ranging from our top-tier managers to the newest of associates.

And now that we've opened our doors to guest bloggers, we can truly say that we have made it our goal to provide a wide range of opinions and viewpoints through posts covering a broad range of topics.

Now is the perfect opportunity to introduce the people behind the content and share interesting—and sometimes bizarre—facts about them that you otherwise wouldn't know.



Li-at, Conduit Mobile's Marketing Manager, is totally addicted to her iPhone—it's practically glued to her hand. But there is still one thing that Li-at insists on doing old school: reading. Her apartment contains floor-to-ceiling shelves just to accommodate her endless library of books. And even then, there are always a few random piles waiting to be read or stocked back on her shelves.
Proudest Post: 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App
Favorite Blogger: Erin Griffith, PandoDaily
Read Li-at's posts and follow her on Twitter: @liatkarpel


Hai, VP of Search, is a startup guy who has been passionate about creating and delivering web technologies since the day he got his hands on a big noisy modem. Hai is also proudly fulfilling the position of Chief Diaper-Changing Officer for his baby girl. What you may not have known about Hai is his impressive collection of over 300 live concert albums of the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. As an avid music fan, he's also attended more than 15 Bob Dylan concerts in 8 different countries.
Proudest Post: Duck season? Rabbit season? It's hunting season!
Favorite Blogger:  Jason Hirschhorn ,
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Sivan, Content Marketing Manager, manages our blog and is a total philosophy freak—she even got her master's in it and treats herself to ongoing philosophy courses at the university just to keep her brain refreshed. But sometimes, her mind wanders a bit too far into the clouds…Sivan is notorious for being—well, let's say it gently—spacey. On the first day of her first "real" job, she came in wearing two different brown shoes—one with a 2-inch heel and the other flat. Hmmm…
Proudest Post: Nextopia – The Next Big Thing
Favorite Blogger:  Martyn Bryant, TNW
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Melissa, Marketing/PR Associate, is a foodie, fashionista, and music nut. You can typically find her testing out new restaurants to fuel her foodie side, glued to fashion and design blogs, searching for up-and-coming bands, or checking out the latest Broadway show. On occasion, she is mistaken for actress Kirsten Dunst, and typically plays along in hopes of gaining a free gift bag.
Proudest Post: Digital Debauchery Leads to Digital Success
Favorite Blogger:  Victoria Smith,
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Adam Boyden, Conduit President, when not reading science fiction, is disrupting business models and online game worlds. Once, Adam failed to hit the rocks doing the Goldeneye bungee jump.
Proudest Post: Keep Your Users from Turning the Dial
Favorite Blogger: John Battelle,
Read Adam's posts and follow him on Twitter: @adamboyden


James, Marketing Associate, was born and raised in Manchester, England. He loves nothing more than following his beloved football team, Manchester United. Between games, he is often found exploring the restaurants and bars of Tel Aviv. James is also big on fitness—he has walked over 200 miles of the Great Wall of China!
Proudest Post5 Tips and Tools that Allow You to ‘Shut Up and Listen'
Favorite Blogger:  Emily Price, Mashable
Read James's posts and follow him on Twitter: @hezzeh3 


Adam Hanft is a nationally-known marketing strategist who works closely with Conduit's marketing and executive leadership on strategy, branding and messaging. He writes frequently for Fast Company, The Huffington Post, and other media outlets on brands, the consumer culture and the media. Adam's writing skills have even benefited Hollywood, where he started his career as a comedy writer for "Laverne and Shirley."
Proudest PieceAnatomy of a Rebranding
Favorite Blogger: Andrew Sullivan's The Dish, Daily Beast
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