Startup Spotlight: WalkMe


It’s easy to forget that only a decade ago the amount of resources available to us online were fairly limited. This comical article from BuzzFeed reminds us just how far we have come since the days of AOL.

But despite having an abundance of online resources today, we are not always using them to their full potential. Why? For the simple reason that sometimes, we simply don’t know how. For example, many people in the workforce use tools such as Salesforce, Sharepoint, or Yammer to stay organized and connected. Although these services are intended to be simple to use, many of us find ourselves frustrated when trying to master the different features. And for those even less technically inclined, we are sometimes at a loss as to how to use these services altogether. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple video tutorial that could guide us whenever we were feeling lost, on whatever site or tool we were struggling to understand?

This is where WalkMe comes in handy. We decided to sit down with WalkMe and learn more about what makes them special, in the spirit of introducing our readers to new and innovative startups.


What is WalkMe?
WalkMe, a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, provides a solution to help users navigate their way through web technology more easily. The startup was recently written about in TechCrunch, and proves to be an innovative and useful tool for many users – no matter what generation they come from.

How did the idea for WalkMe come about?
Eyal Cohen, co-founder of WalkMe, was constantly helping his mother understand and navigate the online world. Along the way, he came up with a tool that would assist an audience far beyond his mother with using new technologies.

How does it work?
WalkMe, the world's first interactive website guidance system, allows online businesses and service providers to build and overlay on-screen “Walk-Thrus” that help end users quickly and easily complete any online process. In a nutshell, it turns even the most complex tasks into an intuitive and user-friendly experience. By utilizing the WalkMe solution, businesses can increase conversion, improve customer service, and decrease support costs.

From the end user’s perspective:
When users need assistance on a site or app, they can click the WalkMe widget and select the process they need help with. A series of intelligent balloon hints will start guiding them, ensuring that they are following the steps correctly. The balloon instructions intuitively react to the users’ actions.
In addition, Walk-Thrus can also be initiated by a set of pre-defined rules. When a user clicks a specific link or FAQ question, for example, a Walk-Thru will automatically open based on the pre-defined setting.

From the online business/service provider’s perspective:
Creating Walk-Thrus requires no technical knowledge or website modifications. To build a Walk-Thru, the process is simple:

  • Look at the frequently asked questions and repeated support inquiries. Think about the processes that you would like to encourage or improve.
  • Using the simple WalkMe Editor, build your Walk-Thru based on these processes and questions.
  • Publish the Walk-Thru by simply copying and pasting one line of code to the header of your site’s HTML, just like Google Analytics.

By adding WalkMe to your site or app, you can significantly reduce time and resources on support and training, as well as increase conversion.

How does WalkMe compare to other solutions?
WalkMe differs from video tutorials and how-to videos with a few distinct advantages:

  • WalkMe is overlaid directly on the site. This allows users to stay focused on the task at hand without getting distracted by multiple screens.
  • A Walk-Thru is a step-by-step process, which intuitively reacts to the user’s actions on site.
  • Walk-Thrus can be easily and quickly changed when a site modifies its interface or adds new features or content.

Is WalkMe a useful platform for any website owner?
Because WalkMe is so easy to use, even the smallest websites are using the service to increase conversion and engagement.

Try out WalkMe for yourself and tell us what you think! Tweet us at @Conduit.