5 Amazing Apps to Be Your Personal Interior Decorator!


Looking to refresh your home, but don't know where to begin? These apps can be your own personal interior decorator! Here are five free iOS and Android compatible décor apps for the tech-savvy homeowner:








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Houzz provides thousands of inspirations for a variety of homes. It also features articles on popular trends, up-and-coming tastemakers, the latest furniture and fixtures, and even information on today’s brightest architectural firms and décor companies. Users also have the option to collate the images that tickle their fancy by putting them in their very own “ideabook.” With this free app in your device, you’re one swipe away from elevating your living spaces to stylish new heights.



Pinterest is used by millions and amidst its many possible uses, lets one interact and follow other décor enthusiasts. It also offers hundreds of design ideas and dozens of DIY craft and house improvement projects that add character to any room. One of the most wonderful features of this popular app, which is also a common feature on the site, is that it allows you to have as many boards as you want for each of your interests: create one for each room in your home, make one for all the seasonal décor you plan to try out, or build another for all the mouthwatering recipes you want to serve your family. You can collect and access all your favorites easily.

With the Pinterest app, you can send your pinned photos to friends. You can also choose what Pins you view in your homepage feed with the “Edit Home Feed” option, so that you won’t see a barrage of photos that you deem irrelevant.

You can also share your finished DIY or home décor projects by simply taking a picture of them with your tablet or smartphone and uploading the photo to Pinterest.

SnapShop Showroom

Via http://styledbyhibernate.com.au/realestatepropertystylists-5-ways-to-use-technology-when-renovating/

Via http://styledbyhibernate.com.au/realestatepropertystylists-5-ways-to-use-technology-when-renovating/

One of the chief concerns when buying furniture is that it’s hard to imagine if the piece you want goes well with a particular décor scheme. That problem can be easily solved with SnapShop Showroom. This nifty app lets you add an image of a piece of furniture to a picture of a room, allowing you to visualize plans before spending money.

Painting Walls Pro


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A fresh coat of paint breathes new life into any room. Painting Walls Pro gives users the opportunity to imagine their walls in a variety of color palettes, giving you the chance to see what hue suits your home best. It also lets you check which colors complement one another, taking the guesswork out of choosing the perfect color scheme.


Via http://www.dreamtemplate.com/blog/web-design-tips/iphone-%E2%80%93-a-real-help-for-graphic-designers/

Via http://www.dreamtemplate.com/blog/web-design-tips/iphone-%E2%80%93-a-real-help-for-graphic-designers/

This free app is for anyone who wants regular updates about the latest developments in the world of design and style. Dexigner delivers breaking news about interior decorating and architecture. At the same time, it also provides information about sales, conventions, conferences, competitions, and art events in your area.

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